Wednesday, 19 June 2013

60 Random Things

60 random things in my room. GO!!!

1. A memo which I hardly ever use

2. Picture on the wall

 3. Uncle Scrooge "piggy bank"

4. A marionette (Jim Knopf from the Augsburger Puppenkiste)

5. A rose-shaped candle

6. A flower deco on the mirror

 7. A hat

8. Yeah, better not mess with me! xD

9. A ducky key chain

10. This weird bird-looking pen which was given to me my best friend

11. A green little chest

12. Some piece of art I did myself

13. A pin

14. My backpack

15. A window decoration

16. Hair straightener

 17. A rack for my clothes

18. Love, love, love this story. Katnisse and Peeta are so cute together.

19. I do play video games sometimes...Doesn't mean I'm very good at them.

 20. A heart-shaped decoration

21. Made this myself in the 7th grade.

22. My watch.

 23. I really like this body lotion.

24. Hello Kitty lollipop.

25. A reflector.

26. My dancing shoes.

27. Humektan is my moisturiser at the moment and Epiduo is a cream for my acne. It's been working okay so far.

28. Wool socks!

29. Sheets.

30. Drinking lots of water daily.

So, are you bored yet? Have a break but be sure to come back to see the rest things!

31. I was eating these. They are quite good.

32. An old teddy bear.

33. More decorations...

34. A green bag and a pink flower pin.

35. A fire alarm.

 36. Miri made this herself.

 37. A baby picture of me.

38. Uno-cards.

39. This is what I smell like.

40. A water bottle.

 41. A scarf.

42. My little Leija.

43. My make-up brushes.

44. Earrings.

45. Hair accessories.

46. My suitcase.

47. A stuffed animal from Munich.

 48. Never finished this. And maybe never will.

 49. Elastic therapeutic tape.

50. My Nomination

51. Flower decoration.

52. it =)

53. A glow stick from the Adam Lambert concert. It's very safe to say it doesn't glow anymore...

54. This is working against my hay fever.

55. Intelligence is sexy...or something.

56. A calculator.

57. Mannequin.

58. My earphones (notice that they are green)

59. Some matches.

60. The Wall of the Most Important Unimportant Things.

That is all. Hope you liked it and learned something about me. Until next time, take care

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