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My Story | Living with Acne

Hi there!
  First, writing a blog post in English is new for me but I really would like to give it a go. Maybe someday I will write my posts mainly in English...But now to business then. 
  I have had acne for soo long. My dad suffered from severe acne in his teenage years so me and my older brother both inherited that. I started to get spots when I was like 12 years old (or was I 11?). When I was younger I didn't mind so much but that changed when I got older. This is also the reason I started to use makeup daily. I wanted to hide my face. It didn't really help that my friends in school never really had acne, or so I saw it. I've never been an outgoing, self-confident person who just doesn't care what people say. I'm very actually quite shy and I do care what people think of me. I often feel like people judge me based on my acne, even tho it might not be true. So I think it's not a suprise when I tell you I've fought against acne every way possible. I've spent so much money on products that are supposed help and prevend new pimples. It's funny how the products that seem to make a difference (in the good way) either dried out my skin completely or after some time lost their effectiveness. So basically I used my money on products that never truly worked.

I still have some of these products. I've tried so many: Neutrogena, proActiv, Garnier, Seacret, Clearasil, Effaclar...

  My brother and dad always said that I should just keep on buying these products that I've always used and let it be. "It will eventually get better" they said. No! My brother might have not cared about his acne but I do. I mean, I was (and still am) a young teenage girl, of course I cared what I look like. I was not going to wait around and hope that my acne would just magically disappear in a few years. I wanted it gone and I wanted it gone ASAP. So February this year I decided to take action. And I'm glad I did.

  I got so sick and tired of my acne that I went to see dermatologist. She was really understanding and caring. She wrote me a prescription for antibiotics. I was supposed to eat medicine for 12 weeks and also use and antibiotic creme every night also for those 12 weeks. She also wanted me to see her again in 6 weeks from starting the antibiotics so she could see how it goes and maybe give new instructions. However that wasn't all. I was curious to know what we would do if this didn't work. She was quite positive that my acne would get better but she did tell me about another treatment. It is called, and you have to bare with me in this, isotretinoin. Hold on, I need to google it...Yes, I wrote it correctly. This medicine is used mainly for cystic acne and for acne that hasn't been cured by other treatments. 

  Now a little bit about that isotretinoin. It is very much possible I will never need it so I will not get too much into the details. But as far as I understood, it will dry out your skin very much but it will also help to get rid of acne if not for good then for a very long time. Exciting isn't it? For women there is something very important to know: it can cause abnormality in the fetus so it is very important not to be pregnant during this treatment. For this reason women need to go to the gynekologist to be checked in case of pregnancy, even if it was not possible, and they then also need to use the pill. As I said, I may never need this treatment but I still started the pill. 

  I've never felt more uncomfortable in my life than when I went to get them. Even tho I feel very weird talking about this opently on the internet, the pill plays a big role in treating my acne so I am just going to be brave and tell this. Okay, so let's sum everything up. I used  the medicine against acne for 12 weeks, an antibiotic creme also for 12 weeks and eventually also started to use the pill. Oh and I also was using a different product to wash my face and moisturize it. That sound like alot. But it helped. Looking back I do not understand why I waited so long before visting the dermatologist. The antibiotics worked after 3-4 weeks and I felt already better. Finally something works! In the 6 week check-in the dermatologist was very happy with the results. "But do not stop yet, you have to finish the 12 weeks", she reminded. So that's what I did. And every weeks I felt a little bit better. Antibiotics and the pill together worked.

  Now, is my acne gone you might ask. An the answer is no. But it is soo much better than what it was before and now I can see some hope that it will disappear. Still, I am not quite self-confident about my face. I've always been that type of person who gets very easily scars. So now that my acne has gotten better, my new problem are the scars it has left behind. Not too great...

  I've stoped using the antibiotic medicine ages ago. The pill however is still very much there. And as for my morning and night skin care routine, in the morning I wash my face with Aqualan L. I pat it dry with a clean towel and move on to my Humektan-moisturizer. And I can't forget my eye-cream. I use lipbalm after I've brushed my teeth. And make-up...Not been using too much makeup because I'm on holiday but I was thinking that I really need to buy a concealer and a BB-cream. I've never used BB-cream and I want to see what it can do. If it doesn't give me the results I want, I just need to get a new foundation.
For night time, my routine is quite the same. The difference is, that at night time I use (still) an antibiotic cream. I NEVER sleep with my makeup on so on days where I've been wearing makeup I make sure that my face is completely makeup-free before hitting my face to the pillows.

  Earlier I said that the pill plays an important role. See, I've been thinking I may have hormonal acne. It get's always got much worse before and during a certain time of the month (know what I mean?) and I tend to break-out around my jaw more than on my t-zone. So now thanks to the pill, me and my face are not going crazy. Too much.

  So that's it. Everything you need to know about my face and how I treat my acne (looking forward to the day when I can say "how I CURED my acne =D).

Until next time! Take care!

  Here are some before and afters. I can't believe I'm showing my naked face on the internet. I'm really scared right now. Oh god. I've lost my mind.




I feel horrible looking at these pictures from about seven months ago. But as you can see, it still isn't all cleared up. I'm happy with these results already. Hopefully my skin will get even better and all these treatments don't make a turn 'cause I don't know what I'd do. Okay, I'm realquick gonna post this before I think this through and remove the before and after's.

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