Saturday, 24 August 2013

50 Facts about Me

Hi there!

  I was planning to post something else this week but I'm still not done writing it. I then decided to do the 50 facts about me which many many people before me have already done. So I hope that you like my 50 facts and I will try to get that post posted next week =) 

1. I don't have a second name. Silvia is the only name I've got. Some people are like "what, how can you not have a second name?" and some "that's so good, I mean what are you even doing with a second name". Yeah, and some don't even care. 

2. I was born 1 minute after midnight which makes my birthday 16th of January.

3. I am bilingual. I have two native languages: Finnish and German.

4. My favourite subjects at school have always been languages. I am currently learning 5 languages (Finnish, German, English, Swedish and I've also taken up Spanish). 

5. I have a brother who is two years older than me. 

6. I love visiting new places, learning more about other cultures and maybe even getting to know people from other countires. These are all reasons why I love travelling so much. Too bad it's so expensive.

7. I hate my own handwriting so much that I always try to change it. Still I am never pleased with it.

8. I'm trying to keep Saturdays school-work-free. I'm already putting so much effort into school that I really should have a day off from all of that. Can't really say it has always been working...

9. I get very easily frustrated when my room is messy and that's why I like to keep it clean.

10. I am a perfectionist. It's not always good. It pushes me to get the results I want but sometimes I just over-estimate my abilitys and get mad at myself for not being good enough.

11. I am extremly clumsy. I am bumping into things, losing stuff and dropping and usually breaking everything.  

12. I love, love, LOVE cooking and baking. I don't even know how many apple pies I have already made this year...

13.  I hate favourite questions. I can never decide! However...

14. favourite colour is green, my favourite ice cream flavour is vanille and my favourite season is autumn.

15. I like polished nails and my nails usually have some kind of colour but I hate that you need to wait so long for the nail polish to dry.

16. I am buying lipbalms and handcreams way too much. I think that in every single handbag that I own I would find a lipbalm.

17. I've never really been into dresses, skirts or high heels but somehow this year I have already bought two dresses and a pair of high heels. I'm getting girlier every day!

18. I'm 165 cm tall (about 5'4) and I really like it.

19. I've never broken a bone in my body but...

20. ...I do have a knee sport injury from a school baseball match and it's gonna be there forever

21. I play the piano but I wish I was better at it. Also...

22. ...I have performed a few times in front of an audience and it is always very horrible. The night before I can't sleep and I might even feel a bit sick. Then when the performance gets closer and closer I get really nervous, I get quiet and my palms start to get sweaty. And then when I have to start playing my hands are shaking which makes playing even harder and my face turns red. If I make a mistake my hand are shaking even more and my cheecks flush bright  red. I just don't like performing... 

23. I am rubbish at staying up all night. I haven't even done that, not even once.

24. My favourite type of roses are those really intense dark red.

25. When I really like a song, I will play it on repeat until I don't like the song anymore.

26. I have a phobia of needels. I don't know when it happened or how it developed but now it's there. This is the reason I don't like (and am afraid of) vaccinations. 

27. I am totally useless in texting or calling people back. I feel awkward talking on the phone in public and I really do forget to just answer a text. It must drive people mental. I'm so sorry.

28. If you cry, I will feel horrible and maybe even cry with you even though I am fine.

29. Speaking of crying...I am a very ugly cryer and I try to do my best not to cry in the cinema or somewhere public.

30. I don't like the dentist and that's why I take good care of my teeth. Even the thought of having something bigger then a check done makes me wanna run and hide for the rest of my life.

31. I can't watch scary movies alone. They are just too scary. I need someone to cuddle up to and tell me that everythings gonna be alright.

32. When I sleep I have to have my blanked on. No matter how hot it is, I need to have it on. To me it can protect me from bullets and monsters.

33. I like my tea without anything. I can't understand people who put milk or sugar in their tea. If I need to sweeten my tea, I will but honey in it, nothing else.

34. I don't like the smell of cheese but I do like to eat it. 

35. When I get nervous I either way go really shy or talk like no tomorrow. Both situations usually get very awkward. 

36. I can't sew very well and I can't knit.

37. My earliest memory is from Germany. My uncle and aunt had this bathroom where you had to lock the door with a key. I needed to go to the bathroom,I locked the door and when I was done and about to unclock the door, the key fell on the floor. Me, being very young and foolish, couldn't get it back to the lock and then I started to panic. I was yelling and crying SOO hard. My family was trying to tell me how to get the key to the lock but I couldn't do it and then I started to cry and yell even more and it was just horrible. Eventually they got the door open, I don't know how, and they found me on the carpet fast asleep. I was so exhausted from yelling and crying that I managed to actually fall asleep. Now every time we go to my uncle and aunt's house I will hear about this. 

38. I'm easily affected by sugar and/or caffeine. If I have either one of those or both together I am literally going crazy. 

39. People who are always late really really really annoy me. I get that sometimes you just are late, it's part of being human but don't do that often, please. I myself like to be on time and I expect you to be one time too.

40. I have a massive sweet tooth and I like everything sweet like biscuits and cupcakes and sweeties etc.

41. The only concert I've ever been to was this year and it was the Adam Lambert concert! 

42. I don't want to stay in Finland. I hope to one day live abroad.

43. I love photographing and I am planning to enter a photographing course somewhere in the near future.

44. Even though I am very staight myself, yes, I am a big beliver in legalizing same-sex marriages. #EgualityRocks

45. I have a hard time answering the easiest things. Like if you ask me what flavour ice cream I want, I'm just gonna be there like ummmmmmmmmmm...(and end up taking vanille btw). Also on tests I have a hard time getting right the easiest questions. 

46. I am allergic to nuts. 

47. I love the smell of peppermint.

48. I'm 16 and I still run up the stairs when it is dark because I think there are monsters chasing after me. 

49. I honestly think there is something wrong in my head or my brain. For the longest time I've been really good at school and I learned easily but since the 9th grade I feel like I need to study harder to get the same results as before. Somehow the things just don't stay on my mind or I don't get them.

50. I am really all about the little things in life. I just believe that there is something good in every day. And I also believe that if you can't do the little things in life right, you can't do the bigger things in life right. Also the little things are the cutest in a person and makes you...well, you (isn't that right 1D?)

  So I hope you enjoyed reading my 50 facts. And that's all I have to say.
Until next time. Take care!

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