Thursday, 8 August 2013

8th of August

Got a bit too excited... xD
Hi there!

  It is the 8th of August today here where I live at this very moment. Every year this day I'm celebrating my Name day! It's not a very BIG and exciting day really but it brings a smile on my face every year. I remember when I was younger it was very similar to my birthday. We would have people visiting and I would get gifts. Oh those memories... Nowadays it's more like my own party. This year as a part of my own celebration I am going to write about my name (as if I'm not weird enough). 

  I'm gonna start from the very beginning when I was born. I asked my mom about this (thanks mom, btw) and she said that I was given this name because my parents needed a name that is written and pronounced the same in Finnish and German. I do however need to point out that if you look in the Finnish calendar you won't find the name Silvia anywhere. Rude, isn'it it? But basically it's pronounced the same. I can't really say that written because many people in Finland write my name wrong (if not my first then my last name).

  A little point here, I seriously have only one name. I am only Silvia. I don't have a second or third name (how could I have a third name if I don't even have a second one...way to think Silvia, way to think). Just Silvia Goller. Sometimes I do wish I had a second name but I'm okay with just one. Some of my friends found it weird when I told them that I don't have a second name.

  I really like my name (that's good 'cause it's the only one I've got =D). I think it's very beautiful and not a very usual name, at least not in Finland. It's a bit more common in Germany. I can't even recall all the times people have written my name wrong. If I look in my calendar I will find the names Sylvi, Silva and Sylvia. No Silvia there. Urgh!! If  someone has a calendar where there is the name Silvia in it (before you write it in youself), let me know. Because there is no Silvia anywhere to be found, my name can be written wrong. Some people are nice enough to ask how to write my name  if they are not sure. See if people write my name wrong I am usually Sylvia, a y instead of an i. This mistake however happens more under elderly people. Maybe it's because they are not used to names from different countries or they know someone whose name is Sylvia or something. I don't know. But don't let that fool you, there are adults and youngsters that write my name wrong too. I have also been Silvie before.

  I also like my last name. As you can quess, it is not a very common last name in Finland. I've never come across a person whose last name is Goller here...besides my family. To be honest, I haven't met anyone with that last name in Germany either (besides my family there). Goller is a more of a German last name so people in Finland have trouble writing it. For example: Let's pretend I am making an appointment to the hairdresser's and she/he asks for my name. My first name is the easy part. That is written correctly, mainly because I myself pronounce it very clearly Silvia so that it can't be mistaken as Sylvia. Then comes my last name. I say it and then add that it's written with a G. And after that hopefully she/he understood how to write it. So simple. Why G? Why do I need to add that? I have come to the conclusion that it's because Finns are not used to German last names that start with a G (or German last names at all for that matter). So it's quite normal to think that they think it's written with a K. Sometimes people think that it is a very exotic name and write it with a C. Sometimes the o becomes ö. 

  Before I go, I wanted to add this. I went to and found out that my name comes from a Latin word for forest and that its meaning is spirit of the wood. No wonder I like green and the forest so much xD In Roman mythology, Silvia is the goddess of the forest and the moon. It so happens that I enjoy watching the moon, especially the full moon. Now I can tell everyone that in Roman mythology I am a goddess. Cheers for that!

  So that about it then. Hope you enjoyed the story of my name.
Until next time. Take care!
    p.s. This post is not in anyway supposed to be offensive and I am not making this to embarrass anyone who has ever written my name wrong. My name is not a very usual name, I get it. I just thought I might share this part of my life to you and maybe in the future after reading this people know how to write my name =)

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