Saturday, 17 August 2013

Baby Silvia

Hi there =)

  You've seen the title and you (maybe) know what this is all about. First I just wanted to write a little bit about what has happened. School, would be the answer. So I started my first year in Upper Secondary School (or High School or Sixth Form College, whatever you'd like to call it) and it has been quite something. Miri (my bff) is there, two grades higher than me so I kind of don't know anyone. I've met a lot of people and hopefully we'll become really good friends real fast. So good so far. The teachers are nice and know what they are doing. I have already a problem with my timetable but I'm gonna do my best to make it work. So yeah, that's it. Now to the actual post.

  If you read my blog you might know that me and my mom have been cleaning up. During that cleaning we found a massive amount of fotos. There where so many that I have now two foto albums. Here I'm going to show some of the fotos and tell stories about my childhood. 

First ever foto!

Awww, look at me! I don't know how old I am but I can't be that old here. Needles to say I have absolutely no memory of this. Seeing myself so, it's almost unbelievable. I was 47 cm tall when I was born, if I'm not mistaken, and now I am 165 cm. That's quite a difference.
You'll notice that there are quite some fotos about me and my brother here. And even more in those two foto albums that I now own. He was always very kind to me and played nicely with me so we became very attached to each other. 

Here I am learning how to swim. I liked swimming and still do. I was thinking of going to the rescue swimming course but I haven't thought that through yet. But yeah, there I am, swimming in my red swimsuit like a boss =)
Happy child! My childhood was full of joy and happiness.
See how close we are? My brother learned the way I was fed and used it himself. There is another foto of him feeding me food but I think one is enough to show here =) I think we have always had a good brother-sister relationship. Sure, we have had our shares of fights and occasionally he gets to my nerves but that is very normal.
Zorro and ummm...a Mouse from Disney (female version of Mickey Mouse I quess). This is one of  my favourite (if not my favourite) picture of me and my brother. Look how cute we were! I think this was taken at a birthday party. 
I named this foto "I love you daddy!". I don't know if you can tell but I'm hugging my dad there. So my dad is the tall person, my brother sits next to him on the left and little me is the one on the right. I have no idea where this picture was taken, maybe somewhere in Germany.

Proof that me and my brother have helped to paint our house! Honestly I don't think we did too good but hey, it's the effort and trying that counts. When I saw this picture I was thinking "Man, I'd like to be able to remember that". Unfortunately I don't but this foto really brings a smile on my face.
Also, me and my brother have been doing so much stuff together... =)
A little Cover Girl- shot there. I'm not even looking that the camera and it looks so cute (even tho I say so myself)
Moomins was one of my favourite thing growing up so maybe it is a good thing that I live in the same city as the Moomins. Moomieworld was one of every summers highlight. Later after I grew up we visited Väski quite often which is a pirate island. Here I am shaking hands with Snork Maiden. Something that really catches my eye is my hair. That kinda half updo -thingy was my thing. My mom said she'd often but my hair like that and that I liked it.

That's it for this weeks post. I'm now going to drink my tea and wonder about my future. 
Until next time. Take care!

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