Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hello August!

Hi there and happy August =)

  Already August?!? I don't feel like August yet. And I can't belive I have less than two weeks before school starts again. Need to do some school essential shopping: books, notebooks, pencils...
Honestly I'm quite glad to go to school again. The normal daily routine starts, I go to piano lessons again and of course zumba classes too. Not too happy about waking up at 6.30 am and all the homework.

  Even tho I'm quite aware that August isn't an autumn season I am so super happy that autumn is near. I like the nice autumn in the beginning when the leaves get yellow, orange and red but they're still on trees and it get's a bit chilly but not too much. So that you need to wear a light coat on. This autumn I decided to buy new boots. I don't really like wearing high heels but for some reason I've always liked boots. Autumn's fashion is something I really enjoy. I love the colours and the fabrics. Most of the autumn colours suit me really well so I do spend a lot money shopping for clothes. Always have and probably always will. First I need to look if I can still find some summer clothes on sale for next year. Maybe I get crazy and buy a new dress. If I find one I like.

  Since it is the beginning of a new month I am determinded to change up a few things. Now first something about my blog. I might actually start doing all of my posts in English but I'm not 100% sure of that yet. What I am sure about is that I'm gonna try to write a new post every week. I don't want to have a stricts schedule as it would just stress me out and I would eventually stop writing completely. So as of now you can expect a new post every week and hopefully I will fulfill that expectation.
  Second I need to get healthier. Like seriously. I'm not just gonna say this, I AM going to do this. I've been eating way too much sweet stuff from like February this year. And since May I needed to change that because I realized that I was gaining weight. I'm not saying I'm in anyway fat or anything but I am also not in the shape I want to be. Honestly I only need to cut the sweets off a bit. I'm happy with my diet, I eat what I need to just cut the sweet stuff, Silvia!

  //There's a fly in my room and it drives me insane!//

  I need to exercise more. This is also something I have said a lot. Since a school baseball game where I managed to get a lifetime sport injury I've stopped exercising the way I used to. My knee it's a lot better and I am able to do so much more than a few years back when it happened. (Oh and I injured my right knee just in case you're wondering.) So I'm gonna go to zumba classes. I used to dance salsa before but somehow I'm not feeling it too much anymore. Maybe I go to a few salsa lessons so I can maintain that talent.

  Oh oh oh, I need to tell this to you guys!! Okay, so me and my mom have totally started the autumn cleaning. We are rearranging my parent's bedroom and since the last two days we have been cleaning like lunatics. I hurt my right wrist and now I need to wear  a support there. Yep, I am just that good. 
I'm gonna go now. 

  Until next time. Take care (and love August)!

p.s. I need to make a birthday card for a young boy. Just remembered!

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