Friday, 13 September 2013

What's Going On?: Diploma and TJ100

Hi there!

  Just a quick introduction here. "What's Going On?:..." is gonna be just reports from what has happend in my life. Like a diary. And also it helps me to write just whatever and have a cool title in it =)

  So a few weeks earlier on the 29th of August I had went to the German Embassy in Helsinki. I was going to receive a German- diploma. My dad was kind enough to give me a ride and stay with me. It suprised me how many people im Finland were there to also recieve this diploma. First there were some nice words spoken, then a student played a quite long piano piece (which was pretty damn awesome may I just add) and then we got the diplomas. And then it was time to eat. Altogether it lasted for about +/- 3 hours. In the near future I hope to get the second part of the diploma done. The reason why is that with this I have the possibility to study in Germany. That would be a dream.

  TJ100 is a "party" in our school. The 3rd graders (just to clarify, there are basically only 3 grades in the Finnish Upper Secondary School, I am currently in the 1st and the 3rd graders are the oldest) have only 100 days of school left and they celebrate it. They have a theme, they dress up and they are allowed to paint our faces full with lipstick, they can capture us and just mess around all day. Also they are kind of revenging on us what they went through on TJ100 when they were 1st or 2nd graders. They also have a "black list" and I was in it. Fun fun fun. Sum everything up: The oldest of the school act stupid and mess around because they have only 100 days of school left (see what I did there, I am revenging). But seriously, if you don't take it as a joke, then you are crazy.

  Okay, that explanation is as stupid as that day but yeah. Anyway, if you follow me on twitter you might have already seen what I looked like when I got home.

  I want to point out that I had eyeliner, lipstick and some kid of an creme eyeshadow in places where they don't belong. And then I had glitter all over my back and hair. The glitter was a really mean trick, it was really hard to get off. And because of all the makeup my face was full of new pimples. Like I don't stuggle with acne enough...

  Later that evening I was going to see a theatre piece. It was...interesting I quess. I was not prepared for it. There was some yelling, a naked scene and they also spoke partly Swedish.

  This week has been horrible. I've been extra busy with school that I am totally exhausted. My test week is going to be in two weeks so I can't really chill on the weekends either. I just hope that next week will be a bit easier as I don't have so much extra to do.

Until next time! Take care!

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