Thursday, 12 December 2013

12th of December

Hi there and happy 12th of December!

  I finally have the time to write again. Let's do this post day by day do we'll get this going:)

Nothing too interesting. I was at the dentist. If you remember my post from a while back (50 facts about me) you might know that I do not really like the dentists. I mean the people are nice and all but thinking about someone doing something to my! A check is nice but everything thank you. Luckily everything was fine and they said that it's very good that I take so good care of my teeth. Which is great to hear. So then I went to school. School is never so interesting, I think, so let's just skip this part. 
  Later on I went for a dance class. I tried salsa street a while back and fell in love. It's really cool and I have a lot of fun. My inner dancer is shining there. I think I might do more salsa street now. Salsa, salsa street and zumba. This was the reason I couldn't write anything on Monday. Well, maybe I could've but it would've been nonsense. The dance class was very late and I just didn't feel like doing a post. 

Tuesday was an interesting day. I was ill last week, like I mentioned in my posts, and this was the first Finnish class I had in a while. We were supposed to pay for some theatre tickets. I almost forgot the money but my mom brought me to school and so no harm done. After my school day I went home, ate, did homework, showerd and went to sleep. I know, it's very weird. But I had a great plan. We were going to see the Hobbit- movie and it came on Wednesday at 00.02. My plan was so sleep from 6 pm to about 10 pm and pack and go to the cinema. My plan was very successful. I arrived at about half 11 pm. Maybe a bit earlier. I didn't look at the watch. Then we waited and all until...

...the movie started! Omg, I can't say anything about it (no spoilers) but it's was better than the first. Now I can't wait for the next one. It's so unfair that we have to wait a YEAR!! No! I'm already so excited. The movie was just amazing. I did get scared and I don't really like to get scared but it's was really okay. We were laughing and screaming and clapping and it was a great night. After the movie (did I already say it was amazing?) we all (we were six btw) jump on Miri's car, drove two other to one place and the other  four (which included me) drove to Miri's place. We went to sleep after 3 am, it was probably even later than that. Waking at up at seven was kinda hard but we made it. Miri drove us to school and after that she left to the airport. She just left me here in the cold dark Finland :(. 

  I didn't really have too much trouble staying awake and listening in classes. That sleeping from 6 pm to 10 pm was a really good idea. I actually wanted to go salsa dancing but the class was cancelled because there weren't enough people. After I got home I needed to write an English essay. I chose the title "A very Finnish pastime" and wrote about sauna! I went to sleep at ten because I wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy even tho it was a Halloween special and again, I don't like to get scared. 

Finally today came. We got our exams back from our last exams week. I didn't suck but neither did I do my best. I had threee languages and I am quite okay with the grades I got from Swedish and English but the German grade troubles me. I made so many stupid mistakes that I could've avoided just by reading assignments better. I'm such an idiot sometimes. But I have to admit, it was the last exam, I was so sick of the whole week and just wanted to get out of there. It also took me by suprise how difficult it was for me. After all, German is my second language. I'm slowely getting over it. As a matter of fact I think this makes me just work better.
  I made a few Christmas cards too. They need too me sent soon so I'm doing as many as I can. I could make some ginger bread too!

Enjoy December everyone!

Listen to these:
Justin Bieber- Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Britney Spears- My Only Wish This Year
Pentatonix- Little Drummer Boy
Frank Sinatra- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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