Wednesday, 18 December 2013

18th of December

Hi there and happy 18th of December!

  This can't really be called a blogmas. I've been really busy.

  So what day did I do last time? Thursday! Jeez...

Okay, I can't remember doing anything particularly interesting or christmassy on Friday. Maybe did some cards? No! I was cleaning, now I remember. But that is nothing too exciting...

  On Saturday we went to my uncle and aunt's place because my uncle had his birthday. I also gave the self-made cards. Not all of them but I gave them to all who were there. Then we just had coffee and tea and cake ofc. It was really nice seeing my family again. 

  On Sunday happened... something. Or was I just home. Naah, can't remember doing anything. 

  Monday was my last real day of school! How cool was that! I was in school from 8.15 to 14.30 and then we had our musical training which wasn't really a training because our teacher had to go to a meeting. So I was home at about four pm or maybe a bit earlier. I quickly needed to do some props (I guess that's what they are called) and ate. I needed to be in a theathre at 18.45 or so. We were going to watch a Romeo and Juliet musical. I rather not tell anything about it, pretty much everyone knows the story. 

  Thursday started with me going to school. I was supposed to be there at eightish in the morning. After our morning assembly we were going to bring a stuff to our stage. Yes, stage. It was the day before our musical! How crazy  was that! We had rehearsals all day and then later on that evening we had dress rehearsal. With all the problems right xD But we made it through. 

  And today, on the 18th of December 2013 we had our two shows! Honestly I think our first one went better than the second... I didn't forget what I needed to do and I did not fall on the stairs (proud of myself!). But they didn't go perfectly but hey, why should it. Makes life more exciting! Our story was that the Pope went missing and a search party were looking for him in different countires. In those countries happened stuff that you'd maybe expect to happen. For instance in Ireland we had St.Parick's Day and in Australia one of the guys was killed by a cactus. Totally normal. Eventually the search party find the Pope in Jamaica but the Pope doesn't want to be a Pope anymore. 
I was part of that search team, a little girl. I had a green skirt on, a yellow t-shirt and pink shoes. So me, right xD While we were in the Netherland I run away from Slenderman who in the end catches me. What a story. I had fun and I hope everyone else had fun too. 

Enjoy December everyone!

Listen to this:
Feliz Navidad- Glee version

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