Sunday, 1 December 2013

1st of December

Hi there and happy First of December!

  Christmas is getting closer and I thought that since I haven't been a very active, I could write about my December days. Just writing stuff about me getting ready to the holiday season and enjoying the holiday season.

  Now I love December. However this year has been quite a dissapointment really. There has not really been cold and there is no snow on the ground :). I'm still hoping for it to come any day soon. 
  I love being home in warm, cosy clothes, watch a movie and chill out. I love shopping for presents and I love wraping them. I love Christmas lights and now is also the time to burn candles like you've never burned any before. I love making my own Christmas cards and then sending them to someone. I love baking Christmas goods. I love listening to Christmas songs and maybe even playing some myself. And I escpecially love spending time with my family and getting in a real Christmas mood.
  Even tho today was the first advent I didn't go anything too christmassy. I was coming home from Tampere with few friends. We were listening to the Christmas radio for some time but then got bored. Or I did anyway. We also had brought with us a bottle of coke which we should've shared with Santa Claus but sadly he wasn't anywhere to be found. 
  That pretty much wraps my day. Enjoy December everyone! 

Listen to this:
Jingle Bell Rock- Glee version

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