Sunday, 22 December 2013

22nd of December

Hi there!

OMG! 2 more daaaaayyys!!!!

Cleaning up, cooking, wrapin presents, singing Christmas songs and decorating the tree! Yep, this post is done then xD

Just kidding. 

  On the 19th we had our school's Christmas Special. Meaning a show. It was rather fun tho. And I found my brothers present which I did buy later.

  School ended on the 20th. We just went to the church and that was it. I was having some quality time with my friends from morning until afternoon. We had some coffee (hot chocolate for me :D) and then went for a small shopping spree. Later on I visited a family friend with my dad and brother. 

  Yesterday I was shopping again. This time with only one friend but that doesn't really matter. I got the present for my mom and after I got home I realized that I don't even gonna give her that thing now because I can't get it ready. But mom, if you are reading this, no worries, you're gonna get a very nice present. 

  I've been sleeping very bad these past days. I don't know what it is. I have been seeing nightmares and I keep waking up multiple times during the night. Not cool. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that maybe for those reasons or just due to the fact that I'm on holiday I've been waking up really late. Which for me is really weird. And then I can't sleep. I was just talking to my best friend Miri, who is in the other side of the Atlantic at the moment, and the told me she woke up yesterday (or something) at seven. I woke up at eleven! WHAAT?!? But you already know what I did today. 

Enjoy December everyone!

Listen to this:
Shakin' Stevens- Merry Christmas Everyone

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