Monday, 2 December 2013

2nd of December

Hi there and happy 2nd of December!

  You can't belive how long I was wondering how you write second in numbers. Hello, yes,  like to think my English is good. Sometimes. 

  Today hadn't been too interesting. Monday means school. I had okay lessons, not complaining. How about I tell you about them. So first, English. I find English as a subject quite easy really. I mean I make mistakes like crazy but that's how you learn. I love speaking English. Have I ever told you that my English is very British. I don't know how it happened but I don't care. I love it. 
Then I had Spanish. Now, I have had one course of Spanish and trust me on this, I don't remember anything. Like Hola is literally all I can pronounce and write correctly. Jeez, it's difficult. Our teacher was speaking Spanish and I didn't understand ANYTHING! 
We had lunch which is the most boring part of my day. The food was okay. After lunch I had biology. Our teacher never manages to start and finnish one whole in 75 minutes. Never. But it's fine, this is my second course with her so I'm already used to it. 
Last but not least I had maths. Me and maths have a really difficult relationship. One day I like it because I understand something and suddenly I hate it and I feel like crying or yelling (or both). It's sooo annoying. 

  So then I went home, ate something and went to salsa street- lesson. The best hour of my monday. Our dance instuctor first thought we had zumba and his expression after one lady told her that we have salsa street was priceless. All in all it was a nice lesson. Loved the choreoraphy and the music. Dancing always puts a smile on my face. I don't understand how someone can leave a dance studio with a frown. 

  My day hasn't been very christmassy or exciting today. I did make a card which you can see down below. And I maybe should play some songs on the piano too. So that I learn something. But first, homework. 

  Enjoy December everyone!

Listen to this:
Wham!- Last Christmas

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