Thursday, 5 December 2013

(4th) 5th of December

Hi there and happy 5th of December!

  I'm so sorry I didn't write anything yesterday. I was really tired because of the illness and then I went to take a nap at about eight o'clock and woke up the next day. But I'm back again today :) Let me just say this: Happy (late) 4th of December!

  I've been home today too. My mom thought it is better for me to rest real good. I kinda wanted to go but my mom is right. I did go to piano class since it was the last one this year. 

  I didn't do anything interesting today either. I don't really know (yet) why I decided to do blogmas. I don't really do anything. Maybe I'll come up with something so it's not all about my boring everyday life. Hopefully I have something better to write soon :)
But I was about to tell about my day. I woke up at six because of a friend who texted me and then I stayed up for like an hour or so. After that I then went back to sleep. The only good thing about having to stay at home is that you can sleep. I woke up again around ten o'clock and eventually got out of bed too. After breakfast I made two Christmas cards (which you can see under). I have been listening to Christmas songs so much today too! I just love them! And I've been dancing arounf ofc. Now I'm just sitting on my computer. An average day I'd say. 

  I have planned to bake something tomorrow. And decorate our house! Can't forget that. I'm already excited for tomorrow. Now that I said that, I don't know what else to say anymore... I need to do more stuff. Bye. 

  Enjoy December everyone!

Listen to this:
Simple Plan- My Christmas List live 

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