Friday, 6 December 2013

6th of December

Hi there and happy 6th of December and most importantly Happy Independence Day Finland!

  Okay, if you know me this next thing is going to shock you but I woke up a little bit before twelve.  It's crazy. I mean, I've been ill the past three days and I've slept half the time I've been home and now I wake up a little bit before twelve? How? 

  As I said yesterday, I was baking today. I don't really know what these things are called in English so I'm just gonna call them Christmas-thingys. Unfortunately they were a bit too long in the oven but that doesn't really matter. They tasted really good which you can tell by the fact that they are already gone. I also went and found our Christmas decoration but our house needs to be spotless before I put them all up. So that's my new project together with a puzzle I've been trying to put up since June.

  Soon we need to send our cards so I've been making them as much as I can. One card is not in the pictures since I'm waiting for it to dry and it's not finished yet.  I've been planning to make some 20 cards maybe more if necessary.

Enjoy December everyone!

Listen to this:
Finland National Anthem- Maamme laulu

Also, you need to watch this. It has nothing to do with December but it's awesome:
Miss Jay- About Finland

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