Saturday, 7 December 2013

7th of December

Hi there and happy 7th of December.

  I almost did not do this. Wow, what a way to start a post. 

  I did something today that reguired leaving home! My mom needed something from Ikea and I went with her.  Something that I hate about going to Ikea is the fact that it is so BIG. I mean, you need a few hours there if you don't have anything specific in mind. We didn't buy anything too exciting: candles, a carpet, brithday presents for relatives and such. So then we went to a supermarket and got food. We're gonna make fish tomorrow! So what did we do next. Oh yes, my mom needed something that I can't explain and we we're hunting that. I also wanted to find a Moomin- themed card for a friend of mine from Germany. I didn't find anything that I liked so I didn't get anything. Lastly we went to a café. My mom and I both felt like it wasn't really comfortable like cafés usually are. It just felt odd so be honest. We left quite quick after eating something salty. 

  At home I then made ginger bread. I think they are called ginger bread, not too sure so correct me if I'm wrong. They turned out very good. I've don't like to do the dough myself 'cause it's a long process so we bought a ready-made-dough. Anyone can do these.

  We have snow. On the ground. Finally. But I don't know how long it'll stay there because it's probably soon getting warmer again. I still hope we're gonna have a White Christmas. 

Enjoy December everyone!

P.S. Pics will be added tomorrow. 

Listen to this (it's one of my favourites Christmas songs ever):
Backstreet Boys- It's Christmas Time Again

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