Monday, 9 December 2013

8th and 9th of December

(This was written yesterday)

Hi there and happy 8th of December!

  Today I went to a Christmas concert. My aunt plays the violin in a orchester and she invited us. It was in a church and started at six. Well, I'm not too sure about how exact that was but it was supposed to start at six. There was a violin soloist. She was 18-years-old and played really wonderfully. Everything runned smoothly and she didn't seem to be too nervous. I could never play the violin in front of an audience. My hand would be so shaky it would sound horrible. But yeah, I really liked it. I would've taken some fotos, I even had my camera but I forgot my memory card. And no memory card means no fotos :( 
Also seeing young talented people playing makes me both sad but at the same time very eager to be a better piano player. Sad, because I'm not so good as I want to be. I mean, I've played piano for what, six years now, and I'd expeced me to be better at it.

  I just realized today that I havent seen pretty much any famous Christmas movies. I've seen the Snowman and I think that's it. How have I missed the others? I love Christmas and all and somehow I haven't seen them. I'm gonna need to have a movie night some day soon. 

Enjoy December everyone!
Melanie Thornton- Wonderful Dream

Listen to this:

(This was written today!)

Hi there and happy 9th of December!

  Apologies for yesterdays lack of post. No excuse this time. Tired, maybe?

  So my day started with a visit at the dentist. I'm not a big fan of the dentist, as I told in my 50 facts about me- post. I'm afrait that I need to have something else done than a check and that scares me so much that it's no problem at all for me to take care of my teeth. I also judge other people by their teeth. They don't have to be perfect, my teeth aren't either, but could you just please take good care of them. For me? Thanx. But yeah, the visit. So my teeth are in a very good shape and nothing big had to be done. Pad on the shoulder there, Silvia. 

  Other than that my day was quite the same as usual. School and then home and eat and then salsa street class. Our teacher was about to start zumba. That's the second time in a row already. But it's fine, stretching is always good. I have to go to sleep now, my head is hurtig. Headache isn't fun. At all. And I should be learning words. 

  Quick note before I go, this week is a very busy week for me so I don't know how much I can post but I'll do my best. You'll find about my week later.

Enjoy December everyone!

Listen to this:
Coldplay- Christmas Lights

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