Monday, 23 June 2014

Sick Day Essentials

Hi there! 

  So I managed to get really ill on Thursday at work. It was kinda my fault I guess. I was outside all day and it strated to rain. I wasn't prepared for that but a woman at my working place kindly gave me her extra rain coat. Even tho I am very thankful she gave it so me, it wasn't enough to stop me from getting all wet. By the time I finished my first day I was soaking wet and felt really cold (the  weather temperatures in Finland are under 10 celcius degrees). So yeah. Now I've been resting under covers and trying my best to get better. Since being ill isn't too rare for me I have some essentials that I need during my illness to either actually help me or just help me to feel a little better.

  First of all I like to stay at home which is pretty obvious. But when I say that I like to stay home I mean I would like to be at home until I am totally healthy. During a school year that isn't always possible. I try to stay at home at least the first days of my illness. Now I've had three days of work due to midsummer and I'm allowed to be home at least today and tomorrow. Because my work is physically heavy (for me, hey I'm a 17-year-old tiny girl) it's really important for me to rest and get well before I start. I don't do much when I'm at home. Or I try not to do. I'm that kind of person who finds it difficult to not do something and just be still. I've been trying to keep me in my bed by watching Friends. It has worked...or it did until I started to get headaches. Well, I have also been reading books and thinking of possible blog post ideas and stuff.

  I have been loving tea. I normally drink maybe like a cup or two in a day but now I've just gone mad with all the tea drinking. I like to add some honey to my black tea but I also enjoy an unsweeted green tea. I'm also drinking a lot of water and juice. Just trying to stay really hydrated.

  When being ill, one of the best ways of feeling better is to take a nice warm shower. I also like to take good care of my skin so I'll be in the shower for ages and then after the shower I start to really pamper myself. Moisturizing is a key because my skin is really dry whenever I get a cold. My routine is pretty much the same as my normal shower - and after-shower-routine but I take more time to do it really carefully. The only difference is that I can't use my acne cream all around my face. Reason to that is to simple: the area around my nose is broken (can you say that your skin is broken? well you know what I mean. I hope) and it's really sensitive. Normally I get a few pimples there too but I can't really treat them :(

  After that pampering shower and careful moisturizing I like to put on some really comfortable clothes. At the moment I'm wearing my pj's just because I'm on my bed. And I also take naps and I don't need to go anywhere so why not. I love my pyjamas. No worries, after I get all better I'm going to change my beddings and throw my pj's to wash. I'm not that weird.

   Even tho I'm not a fan of medicine, I do take some. At least when I start to feel extremely poorly or I have a high fever. If I do take some it's usually something that lowers my fever, nasal spray and cough medicine that tasted like really bad salty liguorice and medicine compined. I also take C vitamin which isn't medicine but I feel it really does help. I also usually take C vitamin during the winter times and whenever I start to feel a cold coming up.

  That's pretty much it. I'll just have to wait this illness out as all the other ones too. Eventually I'll get all better again.

Until next time! Take care (and stay healthy)!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bad Loser

Hi there!

  I've always been a bad loser, no matter what game or competition it is. This is why I easily stop playing certain games if I just lose too often or I get mad to the one(s) who are playing with me only because I lost (Sorry, Miri). Unfortunately, with my luck, I do lose games way too often.  But to anyone who ever plays games with me if I lose and won't speak to you in an hour, don't worry, it's the games fault.
Also, mobile phone games are annoying to me. At least those where you always have to start a new level over and over again. Eventually I end up deleting the whole game because I'm so tired of losing. 

  However no matter how hard the game is, I am reluctant to ask for help. I do it only when I have no other choice. I rather try out all practice modes and walkthroughs found first before I start asking for help. I think this has something to do with my nature of being a perfektionist and doing everything myself. And also, I normally don't like to be the one sitting next to a friend telling how to play a game where I'm really good at. It annoys me that I can't play it myself. I can't be the only one in this so I don't want to put my friends in a position where they get annoyed because I have no clue how to play a game.

  As I'm strugglin with losing you may guess that I love winning. Winning is very rare for me and I take great pleasure of it. I might get a little overboard with it sometimes. Like you know, running around like a mad man and repeating "I won, I won, I won". Maybe even make a little song about me winning (they are usually not that goog though). After 15 minutes enjoying my winning I suggest playing the same game again. And yeah, I usually lose that one. Then I totally forgot that just a while ago i won and I start to be all moody and sad again. 

  Playing games with me can be quite dangerous. My moods chnage, I might start to question wheter you're cheating or not and I get very serious about the game. If I get mad at someone during a board game, I'm so so sorry. It's nothing personal. 

  I know it is a bad habit. You can't always win. I'm trying to get rid of this and just play games or attend competitions for fun. I should learn to let things to, in life overall, but also when I lose. I need to just accept the fact that someone had better luck or a better strategy. I'm trying people, I really am. 

  That's all for today. 
Until next time! Take Care!

P.S. Miri, no, I will not play Labyrinth with you. You've won too many times.  I hate that game.