Saturday, 5 July 2014

6 Months Anniversary

Hi there! 

I can't believe it's been only six months since I started dating. Six months (and many more to come ofc)!

  It all started back in September-October last year. We met at a EYP's regional session. I don't know wheter it was coincidence or fate. His name was the only name that stood out of the list of our school's participants as I had no clue who he was. And for some reason we were also in the same commitee? Again, coincidence of fate?!?

  I liked him from the beginning. Even before we had ever said a word to each other. I was observing him from a far before Opening Ceremony. He looked extremely attractive wearing his suit and tie. But more importanly he looked very kind. What truly melted my heart were his brown eyes. Those were, and still are, one of his best features. After the ceremony I finally got the courage to introduce myself. From that moment on we were spending a lot of time together. And we just cliked. It was so easy to get a long with him. Then before I even knew it I had a major crush. 

  Our relationship as friends was a bit too long for my taste. In the beginning of December I did make it quite obvious I liked him (the messages are really embarrasing to read now, trust me). Still I never said it straight. We had a small problematik week or so in December when I was trying to distance myself from him because we at that time we were only friends. Eventually I stopped trying that since it wasn't working and just made me miserable. I just let my feelings be and told myself that I won't do anything about them. 

  Around Christmas time I knew it wasn't just a crush anymore. It was definitely more than that. It was holiday and he had asked me to help him renovate his room so we were spending lots and lots of time together. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Sounds cliché but what else can I say. New Year's Eve came and soon after that the 5th of January. That was the day my relationship status went from single to taken. He asked me (after an awkward conversation about my dreams...) to be his girlfriend. That's not something I needed to think twice. On that very same day we shared our first kiss after I very embarassinly messed up my words. He likes to remind me of these awkward moments...

  During this six months we have had our share of ups and downs. We have worked real hard for our relationship. It's impossible to say what the future brings us but we're ready to fight through everything together. I know I can trust him with everything that's going on in my life and running through my thoughts. He'll always be there to support me. It's so easy to be around with him and talk to him. We understand each other really well. These six months I've been so happy. I can honestly and truly say that I love him. 

  So Sami, wherever you are at the moment (somewhere in France driving through small villages, maybe) I wish you a very happy 6 months anniversary and I hope there are many, many, many more anniversarys to come. Get home safe, you hear me. I'll be here waiting for you with a present and endless amount of kisses.


p.s. I love you :)  

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