Monday, 11 August 2014

Last Day of Summer Holiday

Hi there!

  Yes, it is the last day of my summer holiday. I wouldn't really say that I'm terribly sad or I don't want to go to school. I'm looking forward to having an everyday schedule. I finally know what to do in my day and I can start planning stuff ahead of time. However I'm not looking forward to stressing and worrying about my studying. I know it's stupid to stress and worry but I'm the master of doing that. I'm trying not to stress too much like I did last year. Eventually I had like a block or a burnout and I couldn't get anything done anymore. Not cool and I do not recommed it.

  But this post is not about my stress or school worries. This is a happy post. Well, I'm just going to tell what I've been up to. I woke up at around nine. It was maybe like 15 past nine. In the morning ofc. I ate breakfast and did my morning routine. Not too interesting really. At 12.20 I left from my house to go to the bus stop. Funny thing there. I tried to get to the 12.40 bus but I actually made it to the 12.25 bus. I have no idea how that was possible. It takes 5 minutes for the bus to get from the centre to my bus stop but now it was like 15 minutes after leaving the centre at my bus stop. And the bus was full. Literally full.

  Moving on. I met my boyfriend at the centre in our usual spot. And then my best friend joined us. She just got back from Vegas and got us two some Vegas-themed sweeties. And then we roamed around, looked for a dress for the ball I'm having this year and checked some perfume. Finally it was two o'clock and the biljard place we were going to, opened. So we played about an hour or so. It was really fun even tho I keep losing and I'm a terrible loser. I did win once! I was a really happy girl. Honestly the last two times I was playing I managed to lose all the time. I used to be so good. Or maybe it was beginners luck.

  After that hour we payed and left to the car. It was raining so all three of us were under one umberella because we didn't have more. And here I am. Two hours later, sitting on my boyfriend's bed. He is explaining a game to Maria. I have no idea what's going on there. I hope that we have time today to watch Star Wars Episode 6. (Story time! I've never seen them before. Or if I have I can't remember anything about them.) Me and Sami were watching the Episode 5 yesterday and I just have to know what happens in the last one.

  Sorry this blog post is only a diary type of post. As I said I have my first day of school tomorrow so I have nothing interesting going on. So yeah. This is my life today :)

Until next time. Take care!
- Silvia

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