Friday, 17 October 2014

Thoughts about the Future

Hi there!

Long time no see. How you guy's been? Good, I hope. It's been a while since I last time sat down in front of my computer and wrote a blog post. One of the reason being that my computer was being repaired for nearly two months, Great...

  I haven't thought about my future that much. Like in a serious and realistic way. I do have hopes and wishes for the future but I've never been really thinking about it. Until now. I honestly have no idea what will happen to me in the future.

  Let's start by thinking about studying. I have planned to continue my studying in the university. I'm still not sure which subject I will take but I'm quite sure I'll study German in one way or another. So that's quite clear. But where will I bee studying? Here in Finland, which city? How about abroad? Maybe in Germany? Good question there to which I have no answer. I still got time to think about that but a direction would be good to have soon. I've kind of cut out the "studying in Germany" part because living abroad on my own scares me and also it would be really rubbish to live in a totally different country than my boyfriend for four to five years. And in the end, love is the most important thing. I'll get a good enough education in German here in Finland too plus I'll get to be near my boyfriend, if not live together :)

  But what if I want to have a gap year? Will I get a job somewhere? I'm trained for nothing, I have no skills or work experience for that matter. Making burgers for a year isn't really calling me. So does it make sense that I would have a gap year? But hey, even though studying is my biggest worries in my near future and I at first hand try to figure that out, what about after studying? Straight to working life then? What about a family? Or travelling, I loove to travel. But if I won't work then I won't have money to travel. Do I even ever get a job? Maybe I'll be unemployed for the rest of my life then. What then? Oh the questions...

  Then ofc the topic everyone is waiting for. Settling down, getting married, having a family and all that jazz. One phrase for this: No idea! Sure I want to some day settle down and get married and maybe even start a family of my own. Wheter it actually will happen or not, I'll find it out sooner or later. This is the part of my life which I do not like to plan too much ahead because I can never be sure if I'll ever have that.

  At the moment I'm okay with my life. I do have my problems and worries but the future isn't one of them. Too much... It'll come eventually. Besides, what's the fun in knowing everything that'll happen? I'm also trying to get rid of my habit of planning everything carefully and way ahead of time. Space for some spontaneous stuff is opening (yay!).

  Even though this whole blog post it literally me asking potential questions of my future life and having no answer, does not mean I wouldn't want to live my life and the future. Everyone's life situation and dreams change and so does the future. No one's future is pre-determined. You make your own life, so make the best of it.

Until next time. Take care!

p.s. Did you count the questions in this blog post, Oh all the questions...

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