Sunday, 1 November 2015


Hi there!

A few days ago I came back from my very first trip with my boyfriend. We visited the capital of Germany, Berlin. Although I have been to Berlin before with my family, this trip was very special to me. Not only was this our first trip together (hopefully many more to come, tho), this was my very first trip alone, without anyone who has to take care of me: so no family holiday or school trip. As expected, I was a nervous wreck the week before the trip but now, after coming back, I feel like I want to go somewhere again as soon as possible.

  I have a few hundred pictures taken from the city. I knew I wanted to share some of those here but it was nearly impossible to narrow down the best pictures. There are going to be quite a lot anyway but I do think these are some of the best ones. I hope you enjoy! I certainly did :)

Am Checkpoint Charlie 


Brandenburger Tor

Berliner Dom

Die Mauer am Martin-Gopius-Bau




Oben im Fernsehturm

Spree am Berliner Dom ©Sami Sihvo



Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe)

Holocaust Mahnmal

Das Konzerthaus

Das Konzerthaus und Französischer Dom 

Im Berliner Dom 


Spree am Berliner Dom

I'm so happy I got the change to visit this beautiful city. Until next time, Berlin! Take care!

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