Monday, 15 February 2016

Winter's Grace | January 2016


  I haven't been feeling too inspired lately but today I just wanted to take a little time for myself and write a small blog post. This blog post is long time coming but it's finally here. Just a week or two late...

  January 2016 is gone and over with. I've been busy with school and I definitely went through a breakdown or two. Final exams just aren't my cup of tea but I'm confident I'll get through them in the end. I started my "serious" studying right after the New Year's Eve. I haven't really been able to keep up with my study plan though.
  We were just a week into January and I was already feeling desperate and anxious. So I decided to unwind and relax a little. For me that meant to take out my camera and try my best to capture the beautiful - but freezing - winter weather.

Here are some of my best takes :)

Until next time. Take care!

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