Thursday, 7 July 2016

Life Update | University


Photo from our last trip to Berlin ©SamiSihvo

Exciting new, everyone! I'll be starting university this year, late August! My major will be German language, for anyone who wanted to know and I'll try and get social studies as a minor since my future dream job is interpreting or translating and I think that social studies could help me out with that.

  This wasn't in any way a sure thing. After the entrance exam I did have a good feeling about the whole thing but I was still nervous until the 1st of July (omg, it's already July, where has the time gone?). My entrance exam was in two parts: the general linguistic part and the language part. As many might know, I speak German as my second native language which means that I'm way over the basic skills in German that they require in the entrance exam. However, the linguistic part was the one that I was more unsure about. There were 25 multiple-choice questions and - if I'm not mistaken now - 12 had to be correct in order to get in (this is a little simplified but you get the general idea). I knew I had 9/25 right and 3/25 that I didn't have any clue of so the chances of me passing that 12 right-answers mark was highly possible.

  I'm so happy about these news. I didn't really have a plan B, maybe do some courses of social study in the Open University and try and find a job but other than that, it was all a blur. I think that's the main reason I'm so glad I got in, at least my next 5 years are going to be studying there.

  I'm not saying that the future wouldn't be scary, I have no idea what university life is all about but at least I can safely find myself and the university life I want without the fear of the absolute unknown. I did cry and feel desperate and anxious the day I found out I got in. I think I had a whole range of emotions that day anyway but I do remember the feeling of anxiety creeping up to me. What if this isn't what I want? What if I'm not ready for university? What if I fail? Those feelings and questions are still there but I'm more happy, excited and glad I got in. No more tears of anxiety, only tears of happiness!  

  What is more, my boyfriend also got in to study history, so we'll now start hunting for our very first flat together. I'm both utterly excited and nervous at the same time. It means I'll finally experience a move (I'm 19 and have never ever moved before) and that I'll be changing my home town but it also means that I need to be a responsible adult, pay my bills on time and manage my own little household. If anyone wants to share some tips on first ever move and living on my own (well, with my boyfriend but I mean living without parents), be sure to leave me a comment!

To finish this off, I quickly wanted to congratulate all of you who also got in to study! How exciting! However, remember that studying is not all there is to life and learning is something that should happen throughout our whole life, not just the years you spend at school or university. There's no shame in keeping a gap year, as there is no shame in not getting a place this time. If it's meant to happen, it'll happen eventually!

Until next time. Take care!

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