Saturday, 24 August 2013

50 Facts about Me

Hi there!

  I was planning to post something else this week but I'm still not done writing it. I then decided to do the 50 facts about me which many many people before me have already done. So I hope that you like my 50 facts and I will try to get that post posted next week =) 

1. I don't have a second name. Silvia is the only name I've got. Some people are like "what, how can you not have a second name?" and some "that's so good, I mean what are you even doing with a second name". Yeah, and some don't even care. 

2. I was born 1 minute after midnight which makes my birthday 16th of January.

3. I am bilingual. I have two native languages: Finnish and German.

4. My favourite subjects at school have always been languages. I am currently learning 5 languages (Finnish, German, English, Swedish and I've also taken up Spanish). 

5. I have a brother who is two years older than me. 

6. I love visiting new places, learning more about other cultures and maybe even getting to know people from other countires. These are all reasons why I love travelling so much. Too bad it's so expensive.

7. I hate my own handwriting so much that I always try to change it. Still I am never pleased with it.

8. I'm trying to keep Saturdays school-work-free. I'm already putting so much effort into school that I really should have a day off from all of that. Can't really say it has always been working...

9. I get very easily frustrated when my room is messy and that's why I like to keep it clean.

10. I am a perfectionist. It's not always good. It pushes me to get the results I want but sometimes I just over-estimate my abilitys and get mad at myself for not being good enough.

11. I am extremly clumsy. I am bumping into things, losing stuff and dropping and usually breaking everything.  

12. I love, love, LOVE cooking and baking. I don't even know how many apple pies I have already made this year...

13.  I hate favourite questions. I can never decide! However...

14. favourite colour is green, my favourite ice cream flavour is vanille and my favourite season is autumn.

15. I like polished nails and my nails usually have some kind of colour but I hate that you need to wait so long for the nail polish to dry.

16. I am buying lipbalms and handcreams way too much. I think that in every single handbag that I own I would find a lipbalm.

17. I've never really been into dresses, skirts or high heels but somehow this year I have already bought two dresses and a pair of high heels. I'm getting girlier every day!

18. I'm 165 cm tall (about 5'4) and I really like it.

19. I've never broken a bone in my body but...

20. ...I do have a knee sport injury from a school baseball match and it's gonna be there forever

21. I play the piano but I wish I was better at it. Also...

22. ...I have performed a few times in front of an audience and it is always very horrible. The night before I can't sleep and I might even feel a bit sick. Then when the performance gets closer and closer I get really nervous, I get quiet and my palms start to get sweaty. And then when I have to start playing my hands are shaking which makes playing even harder and my face turns red. If I make a mistake my hand are shaking even more and my cheecks flush bright  red. I just don't like performing... 

23. I am rubbish at staying up all night. I haven't even done that, not even once.

24. My favourite type of roses are those really intense dark red.

25. When I really like a song, I will play it on repeat until I don't like the song anymore.

26. I have a phobia of needels. I don't know when it happened or how it developed but now it's there. This is the reason I don't like (and am afraid of) vaccinations. 

27. I am totally useless in texting or calling people back. I feel awkward talking on the phone in public and I really do forget to just answer a text. It must drive people mental. I'm so sorry.

28. If you cry, I will feel horrible and maybe even cry with you even though I am fine.

29. Speaking of crying...I am a very ugly cryer and I try to do my best not to cry in the cinema or somewhere public.

30. I don't like the dentist and that's why I take good care of my teeth. Even the thought of having something bigger then a check done makes me wanna run and hide for the rest of my life.

31. I can't watch scary movies alone. They are just too scary. I need someone to cuddle up to and tell me that everythings gonna be alright.

32. When I sleep I have to have my blanked on. No matter how hot it is, I need to have it on. To me it can protect me from bullets and monsters.

33. I like my tea without anything. I can't understand people who put milk or sugar in their tea. If I need to sweeten my tea, I will but honey in it, nothing else.

34. I don't like the smell of cheese but I do like to eat it. 

35. When I get nervous I either way go really shy or talk like no tomorrow. Both situations usually get very awkward. 

36. I can't sew very well and I can't knit.

37. My earliest memory is from Germany. My uncle and aunt had this bathroom where you had to lock the door with a key. I needed to go to the bathroom,I locked the door and when I was done and about to unclock the door, the key fell on the floor. Me, being very young and foolish, couldn't get it back to the lock and then I started to panic. I was yelling and crying SOO hard. My family was trying to tell me how to get the key to the lock but I couldn't do it and then I started to cry and yell even more and it was just horrible. Eventually they got the door open, I don't know how, and they found me on the carpet fast asleep. I was so exhausted from yelling and crying that I managed to actually fall asleep. Now every time we go to my uncle and aunt's house I will hear about this. 

38. I'm easily affected by sugar and/or caffeine. If I have either one of those or both together I am literally going crazy. 

39. People who are always late really really really annoy me. I get that sometimes you just are late, it's part of being human but don't do that often, please. I myself like to be on time and I expect you to be one time too.

40. I have a massive sweet tooth and I like everything sweet like biscuits and cupcakes and sweeties etc.

41. The only concert I've ever been to was this year and it was the Adam Lambert concert! 

42. I don't want to stay in Finland. I hope to one day live abroad.

43. I love photographing and I am planning to enter a photographing course somewhere in the near future.

44. Even though I am very staight myself, yes, I am a big beliver in legalizing same-sex marriages. #EgualityRocks

45. I have a hard time answering the easiest things. Like if you ask me what flavour ice cream I want, I'm just gonna be there like ummmmmmmmmmm...(and end up taking vanille btw). Also on tests I have a hard time getting right the easiest questions. 

46. I am allergic to nuts. 

47. I love the smell of peppermint.

48. I'm 16 and I still run up the stairs when it is dark because I think there are monsters chasing after me. 

49. I honestly think there is something wrong in my head or my brain. For the longest time I've been really good at school and I learned easily but since the 9th grade I feel like I need to study harder to get the same results as before. Somehow the things just don't stay on my mind or I don't get them.

50. I am really all about the little things in life. I just believe that there is something good in every day. And I also believe that if you can't do the little things in life right, you can't do the bigger things in life right. Also the little things are the cutest in a person and makes you...well, you (isn't that right 1D?)

  So I hope you enjoyed reading my 50 facts. And that's all I have to say.
Until next time. Take care!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Baby Silvia

Hi there =)

  You've seen the title and you (maybe) know what this is all about. First I just wanted to write a little bit about what has happened. School, would be the answer. So I started my first year in Upper Secondary School (or High School or Sixth Form College, whatever you'd like to call it) and it has been quite something. Miri (my bff) is there, two grades higher than me so I kind of don't know anyone. I've met a lot of people and hopefully we'll become really good friends real fast. So good so far. The teachers are nice and know what they are doing. I have already a problem with my timetable but I'm gonna do my best to make it work. So yeah, that's it. Now to the actual post.

  If you read my blog you might know that me and my mom have been cleaning up. During that cleaning we found a massive amount of fotos. There where so many that I have now two foto albums. Here I'm going to show some of the fotos and tell stories about my childhood. 

First ever foto!

Awww, look at me! I don't know how old I am but I can't be that old here. Needles to say I have absolutely no memory of this. Seeing myself so, it's almost unbelievable. I was 47 cm tall when I was born, if I'm not mistaken, and now I am 165 cm. That's quite a difference.
You'll notice that there are quite some fotos about me and my brother here. And even more in those two foto albums that I now own. He was always very kind to me and played nicely with me so we became very attached to each other. 

Here I am learning how to swim. I liked swimming and still do. I was thinking of going to the rescue swimming course but I haven't thought that through yet. But yeah, there I am, swimming in my red swimsuit like a boss =)
Happy child! My childhood was full of joy and happiness.
See how close we are? My brother learned the way I was fed and used it himself. There is another foto of him feeding me food but I think one is enough to show here =) I think we have always had a good brother-sister relationship. Sure, we have had our shares of fights and occasionally he gets to my nerves but that is very normal.
Zorro and ummm...a Mouse from Disney (female version of Mickey Mouse I quess). This is one of  my favourite (if not my favourite) picture of me and my brother. Look how cute we were! I think this was taken at a birthday party. 
I named this foto "I love you daddy!". I don't know if you can tell but I'm hugging my dad there. So my dad is the tall person, my brother sits next to him on the left and little me is the one on the right. I have no idea where this picture was taken, maybe somewhere in Germany.

Proof that me and my brother have helped to paint our house! Honestly I don't think we did too good but hey, it's the effort and trying that counts. When I saw this picture I was thinking "Man, I'd like to be able to remember that". Unfortunately I don't but this foto really brings a smile on my face.
Also, me and my brother have been doing so much stuff together... =)
A little Cover Girl- shot there. I'm not even looking that the camera and it looks so cute (even tho I say so myself)
Moomins was one of my favourite thing growing up so maybe it is a good thing that I live in the same city as the Moomins. Moomieworld was one of every summers highlight. Later after I grew up we visited Väski quite often which is a pirate island. Here I am shaking hands with Snork Maiden. Something that really catches my eye is my hair. That kinda half updo -thingy was my thing. My mom said she'd often but my hair like that and that I liked it.

That's it for this weeks post. I'm now going to drink my tea and wonder about my future. 
Until next time. Take care!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

8th of August

Got a bit too excited... xD
Hi there!

  It is the 8th of August today here where I live at this very moment. Every year this day I'm celebrating my Name day! It's not a very BIG and exciting day really but it brings a smile on my face every year. I remember when I was younger it was very similar to my birthday. We would have people visiting and I would get gifts. Oh those memories... Nowadays it's more like my own party. This year as a part of my own celebration I am going to write about my name (as if I'm not weird enough). 

  I'm gonna start from the very beginning when I was born. I asked my mom about this (thanks mom, btw) and she said that I was given this name because my parents needed a name that is written and pronounced the same in Finnish and German. I do however need to point out that if you look in the Finnish calendar you won't find the name Silvia anywhere. Rude, isn'it it? But basically it's pronounced the same. I can't really say that written because many people in Finland write my name wrong (if not my first then my last name).

  A little point here, I seriously have only one name. I am only Silvia. I don't have a second or third name (how could I have a third name if I don't even have a second one...way to think Silvia, way to think). Just Silvia Goller. Sometimes I do wish I had a second name but I'm okay with just one. Some of my friends found it weird when I told them that I don't have a second name.

  I really like my name (that's good 'cause it's the only one I've got =D). I think it's very beautiful and not a very usual name, at least not in Finland. It's a bit more common in Germany. I can't even recall all the times people have written my name wrong. If I look in my calendar I will find the names Sylvi, Silva and Sylvia. No Silvia there. Urgh!! If  someone has a calendar where there is the name Silvia in it (before you write it in youself), let me know. Because there is no Silvia anywhere to be found, my name can be written wrong. Some people are nice enough to ask how to write my name  if they are not sure. See if people write my name wrong I am usually Sylvia, a y instead of an i. This mistake however happens more under elderly people. Maybe it's because they are not used to names from different countries or they know someone whose name is Sylvia or something. I don't know. But don't let that fool you, there are adults and youngsters that write my name wrong too. I have also been Silvie before.

  I also like my last name. As you can quess, it is not a very common last name in Finland. I've never come across a person whose last name is Goller here...besides my family. To be honest, I haven't met anyone with that last name in Germany either (besides my family there). Goller is a more of a German last name so people in Finland have trouble writing it. For example: Let's pretend I am making an appointment to the hairdresser's and she/he asks for my name. My first name is the easy part. That is written correctly, mainly because I myself pronounce it very clearly Silvia so that it can't be mistaken as Sylvia. Then comes my last name. I say it and then add that it's written with a G. And after that hopefully she/he understood how to write it. So simple. Why G? Why do I need to add that? I have come to the conclusion that it's because Finns are not used to German last names that start with a G (or German last names at all for that matter). So it's quite normal to think that they think it's written with a K. Sometimes people think that it is a very exotic name and write it with a C. Sometimes the o becomes ö. 

  Before I go, I wanted to add this. I went to and found out that my name comes from a Latin word for forest and that its meaning is spirit of the wood. No wonder I like green and the forest so much xD In Roman mythology, Silvia is the goddess of the forest and the moon. It so happens that I enjoy watching the moon, especially the full moon. Now I can tell everyone that in Roman mythology I am a goddess. Cheers for that!

  So that about it then. Hope you enjoyed the story of my name.
Until next time. Take care!
    p.s. This post is not in anyway supposed to be offensive and I am not making this to embarrass anyone who has ever written my name wrong. My name is not a very usual name, I get it. I just thought I might share this part of my life to you and maybe in the future after reading this people know how to write my name =)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hello August!

Hi there and happy August =)

  Already August?!? I don't feel like August yet. And I can't belive I have less than two weeks before school starts again. Need to do some school essential shopping: books, notebooks, pencils...
Honestly I'm quite glad to go to school again. The normal daily routine starts, I go to piano lessons again and of course zumba classes too. Not too happy about waking up at 6.30 am and all the homework.

  Even tho I'm quite aware that August isn't an autumn season I am so super happy that autumn is near. I like the nice autumn in the beginning when the leaves get yellow, orange and red but they're still on trees and it get's a bit chilly but not too much. So that you need to wear a light coat on. This autumn I decided to buy new boots. I don't really like wearing high heels but for some reason I've always liked boots. Autumn's fashion is something I really enjoy. I love the colours and the fabrics. Most of the autumn colours suit me really well so I do spend a lot money shopping for clothes. Always have and probably always will. First I need to look if I can still find some summer clothes on sale for next year. Maybe I get crazy and buy a new dress. If I find one I like.

  Since it is the beginning of a new month I am determinded to change up a few things. Now first something about my blog. I might actually start doing all of my posts in English but I'm not 100% sure of that yet. What I am sure about is that I'm gonna try to write a new post every week. I don't want to have a stricts schedule as it would just stress me out and I would eventually stop writing completely. So as of now you can expect a new post every week and hopefully I will fulfill that expectation.
  Second I need to get healthier. Like seriously. I'm not just gonna say this, I AM going to do this. I've been eating way too much sweet stuff from like February this year. And since May I needed to change that because I realized that I was gaining weight. I'm not saying I'm in anyway fat or anything but I am also not in the shape I want to be. Honestly I only need to cut the sweets off a bit. I'm happy with my diet, I eat what I need to just cut the sweet stuff, Silvia!

  //There's a fly in my room and it drives me insane!//

  I need to exercise more. This is also something I have said a lot. Since a school baseball game where I managed to get a lifetime sport injury I've stopped exercising the way I used to. My knee it's a lot better and I am able to do so much more than a few years back when it happened. (Oh and I injured my right knee just in case you're wondering.) So I'm gonna go to zumba classes. I used to dance salsa before but somehow I'm not feeling it too much anymore. Maybe I go to a few salsa lessons so I can maintain that talent.

  Oh oh oh, I need to tell this to you guys!! Okay, so me and my mom have totally started the autumn cleaning. We are rearranging my parent's bedroom and since the last two days we have been cleaning like lunatics. I hurt my right wrist and now I need to wear  a support there. Yep, I am just that good. 
I'm gonna go now. 

  Until next time. Take care (and love August)!

p.s. I need to make a birthday card for a young boy. Just remembered!