Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunny December Forest

Hi there!

It has been snowing in Finland. Not a lot and the snow is almost gone, but I like to enjoy every snowflake until it's gone. They have predicted a snow storm for next week so we'll see if I get cool snow photos during Christmas break.

 Enjoy December everyone!

Until next Time! Take Care!

A Day in Munich

Hello there!

Here are some pictures of Munich. Enjoy!

Two weeks until Christmas!

Until next time! Take care!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Thoughts about the Future

Hi there!

Long time no see. How you guy's been? Good, I hope. It's been a while since I last time sat down in front of my computer and wrote a blog post. One of the reason being that my computer was being repaired for nearly two months, Great...

  I haven't thought about my future that much. Like in a serious and realistic way. I do have hopes and wishes for the future but I've never been really thinking about it. Until now. I honestly have no idea what will happen to me in the future.

  Let's start by thinking about studying. I have planned to continue my studying in the university. I'm still not sure which subject I will take but I'm quite sure I'll study German in one way or another. So that's quite clear. But where will I bee studying? Here in Finland, which city? How about abroad? Maybe in Germany? Good question there to which I have no answer. I still got time to think about that but a direction would be good to have soon. I've kind of cut out the "studying in Germany" part because living abroad on my own scares me and also it would be really rubbish to live in a totally different country than my boyfriend for four to five years. And in the end, love is the most important thing. I'll get a good enough education in German here in Finland too plus I'll get to be near my boyfriend, if not live together :)

  But what if I want to have a gap year? Will I get a job somewhere? I'm trained for nothing, I have no skills or work experience for that matter. Making burgers for a year isn't really calling me. So does it make sense that I would have a gap year? But hey, even though studying is my biggest worries in my near future and I at first hand try to figure that out, what about after studying? Straight to working life then? What about a family? Or travelling, I loove to travel. But if I won't work then I won't have money to travel. Do I even ever get a job? Maybe I'll be unemployed for the rest of my life then. What then? Oh the questions...

  Then ofc the topic everyone is waiting for. Settling down, getting married, having a family and all that jazz. One phrase for this: No idea! Sure I want to some day settle down and get married and maybe even start a family of my own. Wheter it actually will happen or not, I'll find it out sooner or later. This is the part of my life which I do not like to plan too much ahead because I can never be sure if I'll ever have that.

  At the moment I'm okay with my life. I do have my problems and worries but the future isn't one of them. Too much... It'll come eventually. Besides, what's the fun in knowing everything that'll happen? I'm also trying to get rid of my habit of planning everything carefully and way ahead of time. Space for some spontaneous stuff is opening (yay!).

  Even though this whole blog post it literally me asking potential questions of my future life and having no answer, does not mean I wouldn't want to live my life and the future. Everyone's life situation and dreams change and so does the future. No one's future is pre-determined. You make your own life, so make the best of it.

Until next time. Take care!

p.s. Did you count the questions in this blog post, Oh all the questions...

Monday, 11 August 2014

Last Day of Summer Holiday

Hi there!

  Yes, it is the last day of my summer holiday. I wouldn't really say that I'm terribly sad or I don't want to go to school. I'm looking forward to having an everyday schedule. I finally know what to do in my day and I can start planning stuff ahead of time. However I'm not looking forward to stressing and worrying about my studying. I know it's stupid to stress and worry but I'm the master of doing that. I'm trying not to stress too much like I did last year. Eventually I had like a block or a burnout and I couldn't get anything done anymore. Not cool and I do not recommed it.

  But this post is not about my stress or school worries. This is a happy post. Well, I'm just going to tell what I've been up to. I woke up at around nine. It was maybe like 15 past nine. In the morning ofc. I ate breakfast and did my morning routine. Not too interesting really. At 12.20 I left from my house to go to the bus stop. Funny thing there. I tried to get to the 12.40 bus but I actually made it to the 12.25 bus. I have no idea how that was possible. It takes 5 minutes for the bus to get from the centre to my bus stop but now it was like 15 minutes after leaving the centre at my bus stop. And the bus was full. Literally full.

  Moving on. I met my boyfriend at the centre in our usual spot. And then my best friend joined us. She just got back from Vegas and got us two some Vegas-themed sweeties. And then we roamed around, looked for a dress for the ball I'm having this year and checked some perfume. Finally it was two o'clock and the biljard place we were going to, opened. So we played about an hour or so. It was really fun even tho I keep losing and I'm a terrible loser. I did win once! I was a really happy girl. Honestly the last two times I was playing I managed to lose all the time. I used to be so good. Or maybe it was beginners luck.

  After that hour we payed and left to the car. It was raining so all three of us were under one umberella because we didn't have more. And here I am. Two hours later, sitting on my boyfriend's bed. He is explaining a game to Maria. I have no idea what's going on there. I hope that we have time today to watch Star Wars Episode 6. (Story time! I've never seen them before. Or if I have I can't remember anything about them.) Me and Sami were watching the Episode 5 yesterday and I just have to know what happens in the last one.

  Sorry this blog post is only a diary type of post. As I said I have my first day of school tomorrow so I have nothing interesting going on. So yeah. This is my life today :)

Until next time. Take care!
- Silvia

Monday, 4 August 2014

10 Things I Realised in Upper Secondary School

Hi there!

  Quite a mounthfull that title I know. I couldn't come up with a better one without being misunderstood. Soo anyway, let's get to today's blog post, shall we?

  My school starts in a week. I was so excited last week because I was doing back to school shopping. Now that I've done that all the excitement is gone and has turned into stress and anxiety. Oh, I think it's worth mentioning that I'll go to the second grade of Upper Secondary School (or High School or College, whatever you call it in your country :D). I'll do one of my matriculation examination this school year. I'm also a Tutor. No pressure at all.

  Last year was a very stressfull and maybe not the best year of school I've ever had. I've been thinking about it a lot this summer and I came up with 10 things  realised in my first year and this summer and I'll try to keep these in mind now that school starts again and I will hopefully have a better year.

  What a long intro...

1. It's not like Lower Secondary School so don't expect it to be
  That's pretty much it. I'll give you an example: In Upper Secondary School school work requires more than just reading a chapter through which would have been more than enough in Lower Secondary. Tests are different and most likely more difficult so you have to read during the school periods and not just the evening before in order to really learn something. The school year goes by in a different rythmn.

2. Go to class and follow your school work
  You fall behind so easily if you're not at school. In my school we have 75 minute long lessons so in class we usually get a lot done. And then we get homework which take time too. If you're gone a lot it will be hard to catch up. However I will not advice anyone to go to school while being ill. Health is number one priority. So if you happen to get ill during a school year (happens to me too) first get better and then think of school and work. 

3. Focus on the subjects you're interested in (and the subjects you need in the future)
  I suck at chemistry and physics. I won't need those in the future so I don't really care for those subjects. I prefer to focus on English and German because in the future I know I will want to study languages and I will hopefully have a job where I can use languages in a daily basics. Find the subjects that interest you and study those well. This way you learn things that are important to you and your work-amount is bearable.

4. Make plans on how and when to study
  I keep a calendar with me all year long and I write a lot of stuff in there. So I also make plans on how to study. Before our test week I'll plan my reading so that I don't have a huge amount of pages to learn in one day. This way I know when to read and what subject to read. Planning also works in big assignments. You can divide the work how you want to: one day you can search for information, one day you go through the information, then you can write something and so on. Then you'll be ready to give the work to your teacher in time and you'll be more happy while doing it. 

5. Balance your work and play
  This is possible when you plan your time. After all that studying you deserve to sit in front of your computer, open your computer and listen to music, watch films or just do whatever you like. Give some time to your friends too. Just call a friend and suggest a meet up and going to a coffee house. Or going to the movie theatre to watch a new movie. Also remember to spend a family evening every now and then. 

6. Make notes that you understand
  There's no point in copying the teacher notes word to word if you don't understand it. I've done it before and it's a lot more work when you study to the exam because you have to look up the definition to a new word, for example. So better get it right the first time and make notes you understand later too. Use colourful pens and highlighters if they help you. I use colour-codes when studying words and stuff. And if they don't really help you then at least it's nicer to look at your notes when they are colourful. 

7. Write in your book
  I know text books are quite an investment and if you write in them you won't get as much money for them when you sell it if you write it. But think about it this way: why are you paying 35 euros to buy a book if you don't learn anything? So make underlines and write definitions or summary next to the texts. Interact with the text. You can use a pencil and erase it before selling the book. You might get a little less money back but it will be worth it. 

8. Ask questions
  There are no silly questions- just silly answers. So don't be afrait to ask something- there's nothign bad about it. The teacher is only human and he/she can't read your mind so they can't explain something to you if you don't ask. Most likely someone else was wondering the same thing but didn't ask it. If you don't want to ask your question in front of class, write the question down so you won't forget it and ask it after class.

9. Find the place for you to study
  Different people need a different environment for them to be able to concentrate. Some people like to be at home in their room and some people like the library more. I get distracted by noises (also music) and I can't study if I'm in a messy place. If I study in my room I need to clean it before studying. But I like to study there. I also like the library, preferably the second floor because it's more quiet there. Those are the two places I like to study. 

10. Grades do not define you as a person
  I used to think about my grades a lot. If I got bad grades I would see myself as a bad person. That's not how it is. I think that the constant stress of wanting to get good grades were the reason I didn't get the grades I wanted. Even though I still think about my grades and I still want good grades I'll try to focus more on the fact that I learn something. 

  There are probably more things I will realise and learn. This year I have decided to keep these in mind. I'll let you know how that's going. 

That's all this time. Have a great day!

Until next time! Take Care!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

6 Months Anniversary

Hi there! 

I can't believe it's been only six months since I started dating. Six months (and many more to come ofc)!

  It all started back in September-October last year. We met at a EYP's regional session. I don't know wheter it was coincidence or fate. His name was the only name that stood out of the list of our school's participants as I had no clue who he was. And for some reason we were also in the same commitee? Again, coincidence of fate?!?

  I liked him from the beginning. Even before we had ever said a word to each other. I was observing him from a far before Opening Ceremony. He looked extremely attractive wearing his suit and tie. But more importanly he looked very kind. What truly melted my heart were his brown eyes. Those were, and still are, one of his best features. After the ceremony I finally got the courage to introduce myself. From that moment on we were spending a lot of time together. And we just cliked. It was so easy to get a long with him. Then before I even knew it I had a major crush. 

  Our relationship as friends was a bit too long for my taste. In the beginning of December I did make it quite obvious I liked him (the messages are really embarrasing to read now, trust me). Still I never said it straight. We had a small problematik week or so in December when I was trying to distance myself from him because we at that time we were only friends. Eventually I stopped trying that since it wasn't working and just made me miserable. I just let my feelings be and told myself that I won't do anything about them. 

  Around Christmas time I knew it wasn't just a crush anymore. It was definitely more than that. It was holiday and he had asked me to help him renovate his room so we were spending lots and lots of time together. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Sounds cliché but what else can I say. New Year's Eve came and soon after that the 5th of January. That was the day my relationship status went from single to taken. He asked me (after an awkward conversation about my dreams...) to be his girlfriend. That's not something I needed to think twice. On that very same day we shared our first kiss after I very embarassinly messed up my words. He likes to remind me of these awkward moments...

  During this six months we have had our share of ups and downs. We have worked real hard for our relationship. It's impossible to say what the future brings us but we're ready to fight through everything together. I know I can trust him with everything that's going on in my life and running through my thoughts. He'll always be there to support me. It's so easy to be around with him and talk to him. We understand each other really well. These six months I've been so happy. I can honestly and truly say that I love him. 

  So Sami, wherever you are at the moment (somewhere in France driving through small villages, maybe) I wish you a very happy 6 months anniversary and I hope there are many, many, many more anniversarys to come. Get home safe, you hear me. I'll be here waiting for you with a present and endless amount of kisses.


p.s. I love you :)  

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sick Day Essentials

Hi there! 

  So I managed to get really ill on Thursday at work. It was kinda my fault I guess. I was outside all day and it strated to rain. I wasn't prepared for that but a woman at my working place kindly gave me her extra rain coat. Even tho I am very thankful she gave it so me, it wasn't enough to stop me from getting all wet. By the time I finished my first day I was soaking wet and felt really cold (the  weather temperatures in Finland are under 10 celcius degrees). So yeah. Now I've been resting under covers and trying my best to get better. Since being ill isn't too rare for me I have some essentials that I need during my illness to either actually help me or just help me to feel a little better.

  First of all I like to stay at home which is pretty obvious. But when I say that I like to stay home I mean I would like to be at home until I am totally healthy. During a school year that isn't always possible. I try to stay at home at least the first days of my illness. Now I've had three days of work due to midsummer and I'm allowed to be home at least today and tomorrow. Because my work is physically heavy (for me, hey I'm a 17-year-old tiny girl) it's really important for me to rest and get well before I start. I don't do much when I'm at home. Or I try not to do. I'm that kind of person who finds it difficult to not do something and just be still. I've been trying to keep me in my bed by watching Friends. It has worked...or it did until I started to get headaches. Well, I have also been reading books and thinking of possible blog post ideas and stuff.

  I have been loving tea. I normally drink maybe like a cup or two in a day but now I've just gone mad with all the tea drinking. I like to add some honey to my black tea but I also enjoy an unsweeted green tea. I'm also drinking a lot of water and juice. Just trying to stay really hydrated.

  When being ill, one of the best ways of feeling better is to take a nice warm shower. I also like to take good care of my skin so I'll be in the shower for ages and then after the shower I start to really pamper myself. Moisturizing is a key because my skin is really dry whenever I get a cold. My routine is pretty much the same as my normal shower - and after-shower-routine but I take more time to do it really carefully. The only difference is that I can't use my acne cream all around my face. Reason to that is to simple: the area around my nose is broken (can you say that your skin is broken? well you know what I mean. I hope) and it's really sensitive. Normally I get a few pimples there too but I can't really treat them :(

  After that pampering shower and careful moisturizing I like to put on some really comfortable clothes. At the moment I'm wearing my pj's just because I'm on my bed. And I also take naps and I don't need to go anywhere so why not. I love my pyjamas. No worries, after I get all better I'm going to change my beddings and throw my pj's to wash. I'm not that weird.

   Even tho I'm not a fan of medicine, I do take some. At least when I start to feel extremely poorly or I have a high fever. If I do take some it's usually something that lowers my fever, nasal spray and cough medicine that tasted like really bad salty liguorice and medicine compined. I also take C vitamin which isn't medicine but I feel it really does help. I also usually take C vitamin during the winter times and whenever I start to feel a cold coming up.

  That's pretty much it. I'll just have to wait this illness out as all the other ones too. Eventually I'll get all better again.

Until next time! Take care (and stay healthy)!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bad Loser

Hi there!

  I've always been a bad loser, no matter what game or competition it is. This is why I easily stop playing certain games if I just lose too often or I get mad to the one(s) who are playing with me only because I lost (Sorry, Miri). Unfortunately, with my luck, I do lose games way too often.  But to anyone who ever plays games with me if I lose and won't speak to you in an hour, don't worry, it's the games fault.
Also, mobile phone games are annoying to me. At least those where you always have to start a new level over and over again. Eventually I end up deleting the whole game because I'm so tired of losing. 

  However no matter how hard the game is, I am reluctant to ask for help. I do it only when I have no other choice. I rather try out all practice modes and walkthroughs found first before I start asking for help. I think this has something to do with my nature of being a perfektionist and doing everything myself. And also, I normally don't like to be the one sitting next to a friend telling how to play a game where I'm really good at. It annoys me that I can't play it myself. I can't be the only one in this so I don't want to put my friends in a position where they get annoyed because I have no clue how to play a game.

  As I'm strugglin with losing you may guess that I love winning. Winning is very rare for me and I take great pleasure of it. I might get a little overboard with it sometimes. Like you know, running around like a mad man and repeating "I won, I won, I won". Maybe even make a little song about me winning (they are usually not that goog though). After 15 minutes enjoying my winning I suggest playing the same game again. And yeah, I usually lose that one. Then I totally forgot that just a while ago i won and I start to be all moody and sad again. 

  Playing games with me can be quite dangerous. My moods chnage, I might start to question wheter you're cheating or not and I get very serious about the game. If I get mad at someone during a board game, I'm so so sorry. It's nothing personal. 

  I know it is a bad habit. You can't always win. I'm trying to get rid of this and just play games or attend competitions for fun. I should learn to let things to, in life overall, but also when I lose. I need to just accept the fact that someone had better luck or a better strategy. I'm trying people, I really am. 

  That's all for today. 
Until next time! Take Care!

P.S. Miri, no, I will not play Labyrinth with you. You've won too many times.  I hate that game. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Stress Less

Hi there!

If you happen to know me, you know that I stress out very easily. It's said that it's okay to stress a little bit but my stress is sometimes way over the top. Now that I know it I can easier try to recognize it and keep it under control. Here are some tips and/or examples what I do.

1. Good self-esteem
If you feel good about yourself and you know your strenghts, it helps to increase self-esteem. This may take some time and building a self-esteem can be a challenge. But remember, everyone worries somedays and doubts their abilities, that doesn't equal low self-esteem.  If it becomes a habit then it's time to start do really pay attention to oneself.

2.  Find something else to think about
Find a nice hobby or read a good book. Anything that distracts you from your stress is really helpful. But remember that you eventually have to face your reality and escaping it forever is not an option. So if you are have an exam to study for or a deadline, you should do that too. So that's why...

3.  Plan your time and get things done on time
Let's say you have to do a project and you know it takes a while. Plan your work. I know that if I do something at the last minute I will stress and it won't get me anywhere. If just possible I plan when and how much I'm gonna work on that project so that I have enough time to do it as well as possible. I always have a calender with me in school. Also, stick to your plans and do your stuff on time. 

4. Remember to talk/write about your stress
Don't suffer alone. Talking to your friend and hearing encouraging words from them really helps. I think everyone has someone they can get serious with and talk about stress and negative feelings. If you rather keep things to yourself, try keeping a diary. Writing your problems down can also help you sort out your thoughts and see more clearly. 

5. Relax/Pamper yourself
Try to take it easy too. I myself like to do pamper evenings. The internet is full of nice pamper evening ideas but I usually just create my own. I try to have at least one evening a week as a pamper evening. I take a long nice shower, exfoliate my skin from head to toe, moisturize, drink tea, maybe eat something sweet if I want, paint my nails and just really pamper myself. Just showing some love to myself. I've earned it and so have you :)

6. Balance your work and leisure time
Don't write your calendar full of work. There should be some free time every day so you can relax and load your batteries for the next day. And I'm not just talking about sleep even though it's also very important. 

7. Know your limits and have realistic goals

And adjust them to your life situation. It's clear to me that I can't pile up all of my homework for one day so I try to think of a better way to do them. I know I can't get and A in maths so my goal grade differs in every course I have.

8. Healthy lifestyle
Yes, yes, yes, you've heard it a million times but it's actually true. Eating well, sleeping enough and being active helps to lower stress. Everyone had their own idea of a healthy lifestyle. However, this is something a lot of people stress about too. Are they healthy enough? If they do things differently, is it healthier? Should they be more healthier? ect. No. Don't do that. Too much unnecessary stress. 

9. "I did a good job"
Say after me: "I did a good job!" Did you say it outloud? If yes, I like you already. Praise yourself sometimes. It's good for you :) Because you did a good job.

10. Try to find an encouraging enviroment
An encouraging enviroment can be quite difficult to achieve because it isn't always up to you. Surround yourself with encouraging people or study in a clean room. Whatever helps you to lower your stress. One thing for me is cleaning. While I clean up I lower my stress because I'm active and then after that my room is spotless which makes me happy. So then I can concentrate better. 
So guys, stress less!
Until next time! Take care!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Stop Negative Thinking

Hi there!

   It's been so long since I've written and I feel really bad :( I'm so sorry. Finally I'm back and that's all that matters.

Picture here
“Rules for Happiness:
something to do,
someone to love,
something to hope for.”
― Immanuel Kant

To all the other dreamers out there, don't ever stop or let the world's negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If you surround yourself with love and the right people, anything is possible.
To all the other dreamers out there, don't ever stop or let the world's negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If you surround yourself with love and the right people, anything is possible.
  The last month has been the happiest month of my life so far. That's due to an amazin person who happened to walk into my life and turn it upside down. In a good way. A little backround here: Towards the end of last year I was feeling quite down and my thoughts were really negative. The 2014 started with a hope of some changes. I know a lot of people say this ("2013 was such a bad year and blaah blaah" "this year will be different", we've all been there). However, little did I know my life would make a turn for the good in less than a week. Now I see myself as a happier and more joyful person and that's something to be grateful for. Not only has this person turned my life around, he has also changed my way of thinking.

          “The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it's all that matters.”
                                                    ― Audrey Hepburn

  A lot of people think negatively these days. I never really understood why. Who wouldn't want to be happy? We know that happy people tend to live longer and happier but yet still there are many miserable people who's thoughts are very negative. It is easy, I agree but it's as if people do not allow themselves to be happy because they are afrait it would just end and then they wouldn't have anything to life for. It's okay to be happy sometimes too.

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”
― Ernest Hemingway

  Although it's totally normal to think negative thoughts, they shouldn't overpower anyone. Everyone has bad days. I'm a very good example. I stress so easily that my exams weeks are full of bad days. I'm probably really annoying, sad and tired. But I get over them and move on. After an exams week and a few good nights sleep I'm good again.Until the day our teachers return them. I am really nervous. But even if I do horribly I just think that my exam doesnt define me as a person and that I'll do better next time. 

 “Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”
― John Lennon

  So yeah, why so negative? Sure, you can't be happy without some unhappiness sometimes, there's is no point in there either. Nobody's perfect. Stop worrying about life too much. Smile a little and you'll see how much it will change your mood. Smiling is contacious so it's possible to make someone else happy with your happiness. Turn the negative into positive :)

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  Until next time. Take care!

Quotes found in this post (and there are many more to read) are here