Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Stress Less

Hi there!

If you happen to know me, you know that I stress out very easily. It's said that it's okay to stress a little bit but my stress is sometimes way over the top. Now that I know it I can easier try to recognize it and keep it under control. Here are some tips and/or examples what I do.

1. Good self-esteem
If you feel good about yourself and you know your strenghts, it helps to increase self-esteem. This may take some time and building a self-esteem can be a challenge. But remember, everyone worries somedays and doubts their abilities, that doesn't equal low self-esteem.  If it becomes a habit then it's time to start do really pay attention to oneself.

2.  Find something else to think about
Find a nice hobby or read a good book. Anything that distracts you from your stress is really helpful. But remember that you eventually have to face your reality and escaping it forever is not an option. So if you are have an exam to study for or a deadline, you should do that too. So that's why...

3.  Plan your time and get things done on time
Let's say you have to do a project and you know it takes a while. Plan your work. I know that if I do something at the last minute I will stress and it won't get me anywhere. If just possible I plan when and how much I'm gonna work on that project so that I have enough time to do it as well as possible. I always have a calender with me in school. Also, stick to your plans and do your stuff on time. 

4. Remember to talk/write about your stress
Don't suffer alone. Talking to your friend and hearing encouraging words from them really helps. I think everyone has someone they can get serious with and talk about stress and negative feelings. If you rather keep things to yourself, try keeping a diary. Writing your problems down can also help you sort out your thoughts and see more clearly. 

5. Relax/Pamper yourself
Try to take it easy too. I myself like to do pamper evenings. The internet is full of nice pamper evening ideas but I usually just create my own. I try to have at least one evening a week as a pamper evening. I take a long nice shower, exfoliate my skin from head to toe, moisturize, drink tea, maybe eat something sweet if I want, paint my nails and just really pamper myself. Just showing some love to myself. I've earned it and so have you :)

6. Balance your work and leisure time
Don't write your calendar full of work. There should be some free time every day so you can relax and load your batteries for the next day. And I'm not just talking about sleep even though it's also very important. 

7. Know your limits and have realistic goals

And adjust them to your life situation. It's clear to me that I can't pile up all of my homework for one day so I try to think of a better way to do them. I know I can't get and A in maths so my goal grade differs in every course I have.

8. Healthy lifestyle
Yes, yes, yes, you've heard it a million times but it's actually true. Eating well, sleeping enough and being active helps to lower stress. Everyone had their own idea of a healthy lifestyle. However, this is something a lot of people stress about too. Are they healthy enough? If they do things differently, is it healthier? Should they be more healthier? ect. No. Don't do that. Too much unnecessary stress. 

9. "I did a good job"
Say after me: "I did a good job!" Did you say it outloud? If yes, I like you already. Praise yourself sometimes. It's good for you :) Because you did a good job.

10. Try to find an encouraging enviroment
An encouraging enviroment can be quite difficult to achieve because it isn't always up to you. Surround yourself with encouraging people or study in a clean room. Whatever helps you to lower your stress. One thing for me is cleaning. While I clean up I lower my stress because I'm active and then after that my room is spotless which makes me happy. So then I can concentrate better. 
So guys, stress less!
Until next time! Take care!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Stop Negative Thinking

Hi there!

   It's been so long since I've written and I feel really bad :( I'm so sorry. Finally I'm back and that's all that matters.

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“Rules for Happiness:
something to do,
someone to love,
something to hope for.”
― Immanuel Kant

To all the other dreamers out there, don't ever stop or let the world's negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If you surround yourself with love and the right people, anything is possible.
To all the other dreamers out there, don't ever stop or let the world's negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If you surround yourself with love and the right people, anything is possible.
  The last month has been the happiest month of my life so far. That's due to an amazin person who happened to walk into my life and turn it upside down. In a good way. A little backround here: Towards the end of last year I was feeling quite down and my thoughts were really negative. The 2014 started with a hope of some changes. I know a lot of people say this ("2013 was such a bad year and blaah blaah" "this year will be different", we've all been there). However, little did I know my life would make a turn for the good in less than a week. Now I see myself as a happier and more joyful person and that's something to be grateful for. Not only has this person turned my life around, he has also changed my way of thinking.

          “The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it's all that matters.”
                                                    ― Audrey Hepburn

  A lot of people think negatively these days. I never really understood why. Who wouldn't want to be happy? We know that happy people tend to live longer and happier but yet still there are many miserable people who's thoughts are very negative. It is easy, I agree but it's as if people do not allow themselves to be happy because they are afrait it would just end and then they wouldn't have anything to life for. It's okay to be happy sometimes too.

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”
― Ernest Hemingway

  Although it's totally normal to think negative thoughts, they shouldn't overpower anyone. Everyone has bad days. I'm a very good example. I stress so easily that my exams weeks are full of bad days. I'm probably really annoying, sad and tired. But I get over them and move on. After an exams week and a few good nights sleep I'm good again.Until the day our teachers return them. I am really nervous. But even if I do horribly I just think that my exam doesnt define me as a person and that I'll do better next time. 

 “Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”
― John Lennon

  So yeah, why so negative? Sure, you can't be happy without some unhappiness sometimes, there's is no point in there either. Nobody's perfect. Stop worrying about life too much. Smile a little and you'll see how much it will change your mood. Smiling is contacious so it's possible to make someone else happy with your happiness. Turn the negative into positive :)

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  Until next time. Take care!

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